Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Victor Wrobel from Bruchköbel

 Ako sa máš !!

Hello my name is Victor Wrobel and I´m taking part in the Comenius project.
I´m 19 years old, have short curly black hear and brown eyes.
I am im about 1,83 cm tall.
I live in Gelnhausen, which is in Hessen in Germany (it´s near Frankfurt).
I´m a brasilian born in Australia (Sydney) who is living in Germany. (and is going to Slovakia. It is a really crazy thing) \(^ ^o)/
My parents are also Brasilian.
Last but not least I have two little sisters >_< who sometimes get on my nerves. They were born in Germany (how boring ^_^).
I also have a cat which sometimes has got something of the Brasilian temperament of my mother.
In my spare time I do American Football ( I love it) and track and field with focus on hurdles and pole vault.
Sometimes I do some Parkour with a couple of  friends, it´s really funny.
So you can see, I´m really interested in sports.
But when I´m not out there I´m playing some games at the PC, or chat with some people.
At school my main focus is Chemistry and Political Science, but I also like Biology,Physics,Ethics and Sports .
What kind of music do i like? I would say that it´s everything except Techno and some kinds of rock (Dark Metal, Gothic Punk).
Here are some artists that I like: Linkin Park, Craig David, Fallout Boy, David Guetta (and other House artist), sometimes Rammstein,SOAD, Limp Bizkit, 50 Cent, Timberland, Lil Wayne, Kaney West  and many other Hip-Hop artist. So you see I like all kinds of music.

If ya wanna know more about me you can write me an e-mail at V.Wrobel@gmx.de

I´m  looking forward to my time in Slovakia.  
           Greetings Victor Wrobel

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  1. hii Victor Iam your slovak host family and you can write me on my mail: jaroslava.curmova@centrum.sk
    see you soon :)